Take it from the people I've worked with.

"Robbie was well ahead of the curve in making online learning engaging. His approachability comes through whether in person or virtual, and he's able to build content that is both informative and engaging. Additionally, Robbie is really invested in the success of his students and was one of my favorite lecturers at UM."
-Daniel, Founder and CEO, Seaworthy Collective
"I was particularly impressed with his ability to break down complex topics into digestible lessons through high-quality, interactive educational experiences. He recognized individual learning styles, offered flexible approaches to eLearning, and tailored his courses to meet the needs of his students. Robbie is a brilliant and gifted educator with deep experience in the eLearning, Content Creation, and Instructional Design spaces. I highly recommend him if you need to get the job done!"
-Ian, Program Manager, AWS
"His willingness to have open communication coupled with his professionalism is refreshing and not something that is found easily among many. Since I've gotten the chance to work with several of his students, I can also say that they speak highly of his non-technical diving skills as well. I've seen him present at AAUS meetings and he is a wonderful teacher and excellent communicator."
-Shelby, Biologist and Southeast Region Dive Officer, National Park Service
"Robbie is knowledgeable, innovative and dedicated. I had the pleasure to study with him in University of Miami Master in Leadership Program and he constantly demonstrated to be someone who always excels in providing the best results. He is a great speaker and an effective leader. He has a positive presence and has the ability to inspire people around him."
-Isabella, Marketing Coordinator, Guerlain
"I have the utmost respect for Robbie - professionally and personally - and consider him to be one of the best partners I have collaborated with throughout my professional career. Robbie was a cherished and essential member of our team during our master's program; dedicated, disciplined, and dependable. He is a motivator at heart whose passion for inspiring others is ever present and embedded in his persona. Robbie is the epitome of admiration and success; a true leader!"
-Milenis, Office of the President, University of Miami
"I knew Robbie first as an instructor, then a colleague, and now as a friend. I have worked with him in one capacity or another for the past 6 years and am forever grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and encouragement he provided during that time! Robbie is an expert and innovator in the field of scientific diving and instructional design which helped build the University of Miami's dive program into the leader that it is today. He has my full support and confidence in whatever he is applying himself to!"
-Dalton, Senior Research Associate, University of Miami